My Story

Melvin Thomas Young stage name (Tommy 2 Fly) is a rapper, songwriter, producer, based in South Carolina, United State. His style is a combination of the down south sound mix in with an up north flow. His strategy for success is simple: He feels the pulse of the crowd and connects their emotions to tracks that elevate those feelings. “Tommy 2 Fly music is like having verbal sex with your eardrum with a touch of southern personality. It’s an inspirational, entertaining, and soulful mix of Hip-Hop.” That’s how Tommy 2 Fly expresses the music, appropriately described as “Inspirational, Vibrant, and Soulful,” He brings to the tables an unmatched style and giving listeners a unique flavor of Hip-Hop and rhythms. Tommy 2 Fly founded Hip-Hop music in the year of 1992 and his inspiration started out the group Kriss Kross. As he got deeper into the hip-hop scene, he started rapping and free-styling and learned how to write his own music. He grew up listening to R&B & Hip-Hop music and started creating a love for writing lyrics. Tommy 2 Fly is the owner and creator of the 2 Fly Podcast, has rights to his own publishing, his own record label called Rapyd Fire Entertainment LLC, and has currently signed a distribution deal with Bentley records. Though he loves playing in special festivals and events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of hip-hop music. His passion for music led him to get a Music Business Degree from Full Sail University, Florida. Over the past years, he has made three stores brought albums and a few mixtapes (two of them being international mixtapes). He has made a promotional DVD, music videos and wrote a few jingles as well. He still continues to sell and promote his CDs, as a way to build up his fan base to get his music heard by more people. He also has done music for film, television, and some acting on the side. In his career so far, he has done over 150 live shows such as talent showcases, local cars & bikes shows, etc. His inspiration comes from other Artists like Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Outcast, LL Cool J, Ludacris, TI, Pimp C, Bun B, Wu-Tang, Boot Camp, and 8 ball & MJG, J. Cole and Big Kirt who always gave him the motivation to keep moving. Keep your eyes and ears open for more to come from his Hip-Hop and Rap music world. He says, “I love to entertain and well share life stories of pain and joy to relate back to people's personal lives. I want to be known for my rap bars, song content, and for the way my music relates to my fans.”